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The search for nourishing beauty

Chantael is an all-natural brand which truly benefits your skin; making it glows inside out; helping your skin to breathe, as well as it is chemical-free. Beyond the colors, the textures and tests, our story began under feelings that can only begin amazing, fulfilling endeavors. Such as: Commitment, Constancy and Utter Love -this being a mother and daughter kind of love.

It all began in 1991 when my daughter started using makeup. However, common beauty products, other than highlighting her features, only gave her allergic reactions, including: rashes, itching, and pimples. Due to this, this issue became problematic; discouraging my daughter and making her feel excluded. (It felt as if all women could enjoy the delight of applying shades and glimmer on their faces except her.)

I soon realized her skin was very sensitive, so we both decided to go on a beauty pursuit, trying to find makeup which not only was allergy-free, but could also be made with completely safe ingredients. However, it took a long time to discover the treasure of nature, for at the time makeup products were all made with the same troublesome chemical formulations.

Almost 18 years later, we finally witnessed a change. Organic, natural-sourced makeup was making it steps into the beauty universe, and when my daughter tried it out the results were noticeable right away: her skin look radiant and soft. She was now able to use makeup to express her personality and feel a powerful boost of self-confidence.

This difference caused in my daughter’s self-esteem (and on her everyday life), inspired me to take action. Not only did I want to own an organic makeup brand, I wanted to get and involved and make it easier to find. I wanted to help girls who were searching for products that made them look good, while leaving their skin radiant and soft.

This is how Chantael began, and now into the present, we couldn’t be prouder of everything we’ve done to help give clean makeup whose ingredients are nothing but a true extension of their origin.

Every product of ours is completely crafted with natural extracts of flowers, seeds and fruits; all obtained from renewable sources whose process doesn’t endanger any species. We also take our purpose of wholesome, conscious beauty beyond the expected, as all ingredients are organic, vegan (free of animal byproducts) and cruelty-free, making Chantael a brand which is healthy for your skin.

With Chantael, we mean to apply nature into makeup in a way full of responsibility and gratefulness, so all women can benefit from the wonders of chemical-free beauty.

Gloria Maganda and Idolina Guinto

Creators of Chantael